Discrimination against polysexual individuals has been rampant in the past years. Although the government and private institutions exert great effort to promote gender equality, there’s a never-ending stigma against polysexual and the other members of the LGBTQ community. 

If you are a polysexual and have been experiencing constant discrimination, you may start to feel different. You are only human, after all. But there are online forums that will help you connect to people with the same sexual preference, and you would be treated as a normal individual. 

Some Online Forums You Should Try 

What are the forums you can join as a polysexual? This is one of the common questions that will run in your mind. 

But worry no more! Below are good options you should not overlook: 

Forums on Popular Browsers 

Have you ever tried using an online forum before? If you are a beginner and unaware of where to find one, just open the browser of your choice in whatever device you are using. Then, type polysexual forum. That’s it! You will access numerous options within a second or two.

Forums on Facebook

If you have searched for a forum on Google and did not find something credible, do not lose hope. Social media like Facebook will be your last resort. With a variety of options, you may experience a hard time finding the one that meets and exceeds your expectations. Don’t worry. Just take your time, and there is no pressure. You can also ask your friends for some help to save your time. 

Why Share Your Experiences as a Polysexual on a Forum

Many would stay silent and never have the courage to share what they have been going through as a polysexual. 

If you are one of them, remember that you are not alone, as there are others willing to help, and a forum is a safe place to try. 

Meet People Who Will Inspire You

Depending on the online forum you pick, you will find good people who will inspire you. You can also check out nude pics sites to get a better feel for what you’re into.  If you come to the point of your life where you feel so hopeless, a polysexual-friendly platform can be a source of positivity and happiness people of any sexual identity deserve. 

Experience a Welcoming Environment 

It hurts every time you get judged and discriminated against because of your sexual orientation. But discrimination has no place in an online forum for polysexual like you. The environment is very welcoming, as the people are friendly.

Factors to Consider When Looking for an Online Forum 

Now, what are the pointers to weigh in mind when searching for a forum over the internet? Well, there are some factors to think about, but here are what matters the most. 

Credible and Trustworthy 

Before you stick to a forum, make sure it is reliable. Who wants to share something personal on a platform that is not trustworthy

Nobody would love that. So, before you commit to an option, do your homework. The process might take some time, but it is worth it. 


Another factor to consider is the safety of the forum. Remember that the internet has many threats. Even if it may sound unnecessary to determine whether your choice is secure or not at the moment, it will save you from any problem in the future. 

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