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Since PDM 2020 was postpostponed to the Fall 2020, what happens with my registration?

Your registration costs are used to provide the service for speakers, workshops, meeting space, food, events, and other services for the july 2020 symposium,. However, the July 24-26, 2020 event have been postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Please email Ruby Bouie Johnson at to discuss the process of reimbursement. 

What are the dates for the Fall 2020 PDM symposium?

That's a great question!!! WE feel comfortable stating that the dates are between the end of October to the Beginning of November 2020. We do not want to offer premature dates.


The final dates will be determined by:

1. state and local government mandates and regulations

2. CDC Recommendations

3. Meeting space availability

4. Wisdom and guidance from PDM Leadership and Unicorn Squad

5. To the best of our ability, we consider other community events that share our mission statement. Competing with other events and organizations is not part of our values and mission

Who started this event?

PolyDallas Millennium was founded by myself, Ruby B. Johnson . Our main event is the PolyDallas Millennium Annual Symposium. Our first event was July 2015. In 2020, we will have our 5th annual Symposium, with the theme "Open to Love."

What is polyamory?

The Loving More Nonprofit website defines polyamory as “romantic love with more than one person, honestly, ethically, and with the full knowledge and consent of all concerned.”

If I am not polyamorous, can I still come?

Absolutely! The symposium is open to anyone. We believe all people desire to freely express all relationships and diverse ways of interacting  within relationships.   

What is the symposium about?

PolyDallas Millennium is a symposium about consensual and ethical nonmonogamy.  Our symposium provides a sex-positive, safe space for those that are seeking knowledge about ethical nonmonogamy; questions about ethical nonomogamy; or, experienced with ethical nonmongamy . 

Who can attend? Are we allowed to go to all the workshops?

We invite all of the community to attend our symposium. We encourage all intentional families, networks, and polycules to attend together. Our symposium family wants to share this time with your family. The cost of registration includes access to workshops, speakers, vendor's hub, and hospitality areas. 

Is the symposium family friendly?

Yes! We are a family friendly event. We do not provide childcare. Caregivers are responsible for the safety and conduct of children. We are very supportive of children maintaining consistent supervision by the caregivers. 

What type of people attend the symposium?

We have a diverse crowd. We have folks that are questioning, those that are experienced, and those that are new at open relationships.  We have attendees seeking community that have shared beliefs about sex positivity in relationships. 

We have a sex-positive consent culture. With intention, our program attracts attendees, community leaders, and professionals who are genderqueer, transgender, and gender nonconforming. With intention, our program and attendees have a strong representation of folks of color. 


We invite attendees who need information about legal issues. We have an attorney that is very knowledgeable about family law and polyamory. We invite attendees who are raising children in a polyamorous or open relationships family dynamic. We invite attendees who have disabilities, chronic pain, trauma and other personal differences that need to be considered in relationships. We have information for the professional who works with clients who are polyamorous and /or kinky or would like to work with clients who are polyamous and kinky.  We have local and regional community members.  

We have community advocates, academics, community members, clinicians, and leaders. We invite polyamorous/open relationships and kink groups to our symposium. We want to curate an event that celebrates and educates. 

Are there volunteer opportunities at the symposium?

Yes, we do. We open volunteer application submissions 90-120 days before the event. We have a core and staff volunteers that are in place. We are anticipating the need for several more volunteers. Volunteers receive discounted to no registration cost and access to all events.  

Does the symposium offer professional continuing education units?

Yes! Inamorata LLC is a Texas-approved provider for social workers, licensed professional counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and licensed chemical dependency counselors.  For those clinicians outside of Texas, please check with your local board for criteria. 

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The symposium is open to anyone. We believe all people desire to freely express all relationships and diverse ways of interacting within relationships.   

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