Ruby Bouie Johnson

My name is Ruby Bouie Johnson the founder and CEO for PolyDallas Symposium  [PDM]. The symposium was founded in 2015. We started as a 6 hour workshop to educate students and professionals about consensual nonmonogamy.  

The feedback from attendees was to make it a two day event. Now, we are a 3 day event.  

 Our symposium provides a sex-positive safe space for those seeking knowledge about ethical nonmonogamy, who have questions about ethical nonomogamy, or are experienced with ethical nonmongamy . We bring to the forefront people of color who are queer, trans, and nonbinary. This does not exclude anyone else. We love bountifully. This is space for all lovestyles. We leave all that stops us from loving fully and freely at the front door.

Our sexiness is in our laughter, energy, and celebration. 

We bring in speakers nationally and internationally that share our idea of lovin' and livin'.

We have something special for our community from all walks of life.

Join Us in 2020 as we celebrate 5 years of doing this and doing it well.  

Founder and CEO

Ruby Bouie Johnson

The symposium is open to anyone. We believe all people desire to freely express all relationships and diverse ways of interacting within relationships.   

Ruby B Johnson Founder and Organizer

PolyDallas Millennium LLC

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