A Note from the CEO and Founder

The mental, emotional, and economic wreckage of the COVID-19 pandemic has reverberated throughout all communities. Those communities that are historically, socially, and politically disenfranchised have been impacted tremendously. These communities are our audience for PolyDallas Millennium [PDM]. The social, political, biological, and economic long term recovery is difficult to predict. As a society, we are in an unprecedented time. Without precedence, it is difficult to predict the length, course, and plan for recovery of our world. However, I believe, as a society, we will recover. PDM is a symposium that started as a service-oriented event. Our stewardship necessitates that we make responsible decisions that are to the benefit of our society as a whole.  


The core values of PDM are accessibility and safety. Due to the economic, emotional, and mental stress on resources, PDM recognizes the reality and potential of recovery for stakeholders, supporters, and attendees, who support and benefit our mission, by July 2020 is low. 


We have decided to postpone our event to the Fall 2020. The plan is to have the event on a slightly smaller scale that will allow us to provide a regional event that is more accessible and realistic for us to curate and execute. All revenue generated up to this point will go towards the Fall 2020 symposium. We are, without doubt, celebrating in a way that is safe, accessible, and beneficial to our community. 


We would like to thank you all for being a part of our vision and mission.

We look forward to planning something new and different with great style. 


This was a hard decision. We feel this is the most loving thing to do as and for our a community.


With love, respect, and peace, 


Ruby Bouie Johnson

CEO and Founder

PolyDallas Millennium LLC

The symposium is open to anyone. We believe all people desire to freely express all relationships and diverse ways of interacting within relationships.   

Ruby B Johnson Founder and Organizer

PolyDallas Millennium LLC

2020 PolyDallas Millennium LLC

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